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Welcome to Lone Star Hard Money! We look forward to working with you on all of your lending needs. The first step in the loan process is for us to learn a little more about you. Please complete the following information and return to us so that we may start taking action!

Currently, we do not accept American Express payments.


First Name / M.I. / Last Name:
What is the name of your business?

(Name of the corporation, partnership, company, etc. Please note that if you do not currently own any residential real estate – homestead – then you will be required to borrow under a Texas limited liability Company. Visit http://www.sos.state.tx.us/corp/index.shtml for more information.)
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Who is your employer?
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How long have you been employed by your current employer?
Have you ever filed bankruptcy?

Have you ever had a property foreclosed on?

Have you ever had a tax judgment levied against you?


How many homes have you flipped?
How many of those in the past 12 months?
How many investment homes do you currently own?
Please share any other information that you feel will help us with your loan process


What is the amount you would like to borrow?
Estimated Closing Date?
What is your term expectation?
(amount of time from purchase to sale)
What is your exit strategy?

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How much cash do you have to invest in this property?


What is the contracted sales price of this property?
What is the estimated after-repair value of this property?
What are your estimated rehab costs? (Details MUST be provided - Please feel free to use our Rehab Estimate Form)
What is the address of the property you wish to purchase?
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What is the square footage of the property?
DO NOT include Porches, Garages, etc...
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Please provide the street addresses of three (3) comparative properties that you believe we should review.

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